Classes, Internships and  Apprentices

CharBee's been spreading the gospel of bee-ology, teaching about bees for a dozen years. He's recorded lots of videos, produced content,  graphics, recored events and shared insights. Slowly, over time we'll try to link them here... for free. 

But seriously... our goal with BeeVangelists is to transform people into Bee-leavers and Bee-lovers... some of whom bee-gin a journey of discovery, Bee-coming Beeciples of the hive...   Beeleavers spread the buzz about bees and make their world better through sharing fun facts and fascinating functions from within nature's dance of pollination and abundance.

We make understanding the complexity of the hive a fun practice in pattern recognition and analogy. For as complicated as the bee's behavior can seem, its actions are quite logical and therefore sort of as easy to comprehend as the complicated life's of anyone under 20 these days... we call it perfect imperfection.

Wednesday Night Classes 6-8:30p  

Come learn beekeeping wednesday nights at Redeemer Lutheran Church. Charlie Koenen and the beevangelists will cover everything from equipment selection and assembly to installation, inspections, harvesting, splits, swarming, genetics and rendering the treasures from the hive.