Packages start arriving in Mid April and continue arriving into May.

2018 Customer Pickup Package price is $140

Delivery and Installation assistance is available for a fee. 

3 Swarms

4 Cutouts

5 Bait Box

2 Nucleus

Ordering Bees

1 Packages

Nucleus Colonies available starting in June weather permitting.

Langstroth 5 frame Nucleus $175

11 bar Top Bar Nucleus  $200

There are four ways to get your colony going

1  Packages 3lb (10,000 bees & queen)

2  Nucleus Colonies (mid June)

3  Swarms (waiting list as we get them)

4 Bait Box (set it up and cross fingers)

Varieties of bees

Package bees are considered a safer because they don't carry hive beetles and mites in their comb like Nucleus Hive. We sell 3lb packages of either Cardovan Italian or Slovenian Carniolan Queens. Both are very common because they are hardy and docile. 

really orphaned female workers who've been shaken or displaced during pollination season and now find themselves jammed together with 10,000 others and no mother. As bees go, they quickly realize there is no mom smells so they begin to panic. Afer a day without mom's pheremone, they are willing to take any queen but stll ahe needs to become accepted.

2018 Swarm/Cutout Capture Signup List

Get started with a swarm we capture and house. 
first come, first serve, no guarantee

Swarm Price $145