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Bee-Leavers & Beeciples

We practice balance beekeeping techniques that are gentler on both bee and beekeeper. You can sign up for courses to learn these techniques for your own bee hives or you can join us at our bee yards. Our method of mentorship is a mix of practical, textbook, hands-on and lectures. Using our punchcard system you can prepay for 10 class credits and apply them to meetups, lectures, movie nights, workshops, apiary days and inspections, swarm captures, cutouts or wasp disposals. 


Bee the Change  

Putting bee hives ontop the roof of an urban church might seem odd, but Milwaukee's Redeemer Lutheran Church has become a hive of activity since bees were added to their congregation. The synergies between the bee colony and the congregational community make for amazing Sunday Sermons. 

initiating the Bee the Change Program. Partnering with the Zeidler Center for Public Discussions and Marquette University, BeeVangelists created a program to engage the disadvantaged and often homeless population of Milwaukee who are given hot lunches 6 days a week at Redeemer. With bees on the



We're a non-profit organization creating a resilient environment 

through education and advocacy of the plight of insect pollinators. 

Executive Director

Charlie "CharBee" Koenen 

More than a dozen years ago, Charlie left a company he founded teaching people to "think different" about Apple Computers, and started thinking different about Bees. He invented an alternative to the stacked box hive, Beepods, the world's first Vented Top Bar Hive System  paralleled with an education training curriculum that not only taught beekeeping, but also empowered education and advocacy of “what’s going on with the bees.” After a hostile takeover pushed him out of his company in 2016 he formed a non-profit, BeeVangelists.

BeeVangelizing has become Charbee’s mission as Executive Director of Beevangelists, he is bringing a bee-centric vision regarding the plight of bees and the need to restore thriving hive communities in urban environments and beyond.

Over the years, Charlie has foraged a close relationship with many private, public and religious organizations interested in promoting bees in their spaces. These urban apiaries become hubs, neighborhood caretakers of their hives... You might say he transforms people into Bee-leavers, Beeciples and BeeVangelists. Bees become the glue that binds communities together through their bringing abundance to nature. Hives throughout the community become part of the larger community.  All are interconnected; when one hive is in need, another comes to feed. As one hive thrives, others can benefit. Its the way of the bee and the way of healthy community. Take only what you need— leave the rest to bloom and make abundant.— it is the motto of the bees, and also the Beevangelist’s Creed.

Community Supported Pollinators (CSPs)

Large scale monoculture agriculture has decimated populations through food scarcity and chemical adulteration. Our cities may be the best place to preserve and nurture genetics. But we need to rethink the current model for beekeeping. In the city we have to work together to help one another. 


We speak for the bees. Honey bees bring abundance to nature and that abundance brought goodness to the Earth. Today, insect pollinators are dying in record numbers yet most of us don't know why. Our mission is to spread the buzz about bees and their importance while creating environmental resilience by teaching better beekeeping practices and finding ways to house bees in cities and suburbs where they can be safer from the chaotic climate of large-scale industrial agriculture and wacky weather.

We provide training, products, lectures and courses in beekeeping for the bees. We look at keeping bees as more a spiritual journey than a commercial practice. Bees have been around for over a 100 million years, they've outlasted dinosaurs, droughts ice ages and floods. As Charles Darwin wrote in his seminal book Origin of Species, the single most important scientific factor to the creation of the earth as we know it was the co-evolutionary moment when flowering grasses and insect pollinators came into being. Insect pollination is the key factor in producing our most cherished plants and foods. Fruits, Nuts, Berries and Vegetables would not be were it not for the efforts of the bee. 

BeeVangelists cross-pollinates community partners fostering abundance for bees and and the nature they create. Corporate, governmental, theologic, recreational, educational, agricultural and cultural communities find synergies by helping raise awareness of bees. We help make it possible.