Bee Swarm Removal: Have you a giant ball of bees on your car, front door or business? Is there a swarm settled in your yard, have you got bees in the walls? We can help. We save bees and give them new homes. We also remove Wasp and Hornet nests. Call anytime 414-617-7773


Beekeeping for Bees

Beekeeping for the Bees: We teach natural beekeeping methods for all kinds of hives: Stacked Box, Top Bar, Flow® Hives, Warré.

Hands-on, Classroom courses, Seminars and Intensives. School shows and garden lectures. 

More than Honey... we bring healing from the hives. Propolis Balms and Salves, Candles, Soaps, Tinctures and Lipsticks. 

We also sell Package Bees and Nucleus colonies as well as beekeeping supplies, protective gear and reading material.